To buy plastic products in China

Comprar productos plásticos

There is not an industry more expanded than the plastic industry. We mean that, if you want to buy electronic products you go to Shenzen, if you want cars tires o chemicals then you go to Shangdon, but if you are looking for manufacturers of plastic products then you can get them all over China. In almost every Chinese town there are manufacturers of polymers articles, there are plastic injectors everywhere, the same as producers of injections molds, in fact, if a town is so small as not to have its own producer, surely the next town has it.

Prices and Recycled material

When searching for suppliers it is quite common to find those who offer the same plastic product at different prices. This may be so due to the proportion of new plastic and recycled plastic that the product is made of. The higher percentage of new plastic, the higher the price, the better the quality, the more resistant and the less crackakable, the really different is the sensation you have when you perform a destructive test (fold or try to break ) to a product with a high proportion of new plastic and one with a equal proportion of recycled plastic.

What is it to be known when ordering a new plastic injection mold developed?

The most important point you have to be clear about is that the quality of the molds. There are three classic qualities when it comes to making a mold. Depending on the quality of the mold material, more or less use can be made of it. That is to say, if it quality A, the mold can give more than one thousand runs (this is just an example, not an actual number), whilst if a mold is quality B, it can give no more than 250 runs.
If a company ask a manufacturer of plastic to make a mold, the industrialist will charge the mold separately, and after certain number of runs (in accordance with the manufacturer) he will return you the money you paid for the mold and he can sell the production from it to anyone (including the competition).
It is important that you make a contract with the producer about the use of the molds you have requested. Chinese are but little open to changes in plans, and if you ask them to give you the mold or give it over to another supplier with whom you have just decided to work, the manufacturers will do everything within their reach not to give it to you. Another reason to make a contract is not to use the mold you paid to supply the direct competition, because it is wrong to use the product in order to supply other countries, even much worse if your competitor benefits from the mold you paid to develop. Believe us when we tell you that many of Chinese industrialists have no ethics, the only thing that prevents them from doing as they pleased with the mold is a contract signed with a Chinese company.

Machinery for the production of plastic products

As we mentioned before, there is no industry that has as many producers as the industry of molds and finished products in plastic, of different qualities. Likewise, there is a lot of producers of plastic injection and blowing machines (for making bottles and other items), as well as robotic hands (to remove newly created parts ), conveyor belts and other devices quite useful in the manufacture of artificial polymer products.