Minimum order quantity in China: how to reduce MOQ?

Negotiating with a supplier will never be easy, above all when we talk about the amount of production we want to do with it. Generally, your supplier will never object to a large order being placed. But, when you do not want to buy the minimum quantity they produce and you want reduce that is when the complications come. For this reason, we will give you some tips that you should use when the minimum order quantity that you must order exceeds your standard on a large scale.

Practical advises to reduce the Minimum Order Quantity

1. Ask your supplier which products they produce the most. Generally, it is very possible that the item we want to buy is not precisely one the one most sold by our supplier. In these cases, it will be extremely difficult to negotiate order. However, it is more likely that, that among the products they manufacture, there is one that attracts our attention and this is where you can negotiate your minimum quantity. On the other hand, if the product we are interested in is within the productions plans of our supplier, it is also possible to negotiate the possibility of including your order within this list. Thus the possibility of reducing your order is much higher.

2. Check if your supplier has a stock of products available. This will help you request a low quantity of merchandise, but you must remember that suppliers do not always have merchandise, and work to order.

3. If your supplier is a tough nut to crack and it doesn´t want to make any agreement to reduce your minimum order, you just ask him if it has a user in Aliexpress, where you will be able to get your merchandise at retail.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you and that you can apply it when making any of these tips.