Importing metallic products from China: a shopping paradise

Even if we do not notice it, our days are full of articles that have metallic parts and until a new material comes out to replace them, demand will continue to be very high. And, as is to be expected, Chinese have thousands of manufacturers of metallic products; so much so that we dare to affirm that it is the paradise for the buyers of this item, because regardless the combinations of characteristics that the customer always requires (alloy, quality, standard, dimensions, and product tests), that the client always requires, there are between 5-10 reliable factories to work with.

Metallic products we have worked with

In Awarecom, during our years in the market of service suppliers, we have worked with a large number of metallic products for different types of industries. (construction, petrochemicals, other industries that require tubes, valves, and high profile sheets) which has given us a high knowledge of the metallic industry in China.

  •  Tubes with and without welding
  • Valves of all uses and sizes.
  •  Heat dissipaters (laser cut to size and shape requested).
  •  Two metal sheets, welded with explosives (two sheets of different metals are placed together and the pressure of a controlled explosion makes both sheets are joined)
  •  Aluminum profiles manufactured in an extruder.
  •  Kitchen utensils
  •  Metal parts used in the construction industry.
  •  Faucets.
  •  Metal tools.
  •  Rolls of metal sheets (“coils”).
  •  Metal boxes for different uses.

What should be taken into account when buying metal products in China?

  1.  The first thing to keep in mind is that in metals, there are many standards for each type of product an utility. For instance, there exist different types of stainless steel that can be used in the production of kitchen utensils; just as there are many iron standards for seamless tubes for industrial use.
  2.  It should also be borne in mind that, depending on the use and standard used in the desired product, there are a number of quality tests that can be applied to the item (wear, chemical resistance, radiation, x-rays, elongation, impact, twisting, dilation, spectrometry, friction, grip, thermal resistance, etc). You have to make sure that the supplier has a testing laboratory, which is the sample they take and which tests are performed by third parties.
  3.  Check that the supplier has the required quality certificates and, if necessary, ask a specialized company to perform independent tests and certify the quality of the material.
  4.  In the world of suppliers, it is very common to find intermediaries; we do not refer only to “trading” companies but to manufacturers who sell products that do not make them, but other producers. This not as common in other items like this one. Whereby we recommend visiting the factory to see if you are talking to the real supplier and, if not, find out who they are is and get in touch with them.

If you need help finding reliable suppliers of metal products and if you need to confirm the conditions of a supplier or make quality controls to the production of metal products, our engineers are always at your disposal.