Factory Audit

The Factory Audit, also called Verification of suppliers, is the most important step when doing international business. These visits to the producers allow us to define the profile of the company, which is essential to save our investment from deceptive sellers who pretend to be manufacturers, when in fact they are people with a hidden agenda for the client. To buy from a chinese supplier, without having performed this service, is to take an unnecessary risk, something that must be avoided at all costs. It must be considered that, before making an audit of suppliers, it isn’t known for sure if a fraudster or a true manufacturer has been contacted.
The audit also verifies all the information provided by the company, such as: production capacity, objective ways of measuring the quality of the final product, general conditions of the factory, conditions of the raw material used and conditions of storage and packaging, etc. Absolutely all the companies that do international business do it. With a verification service you can discover:
If the supplier is an intermediary, we’ll know who the true manufacturer is. What type of factory it is and the risks involved in working with that factory. That’s because the risks that run when working with a small factory, or a big one, are not the same. The type of production technology available to the factory, real production capacity, quality control technology, number of employees, physical facilities, etc. All the products that are made and those that could be made in that factory. This information is acquired knowing the type of technology they possess, the materials they work with and the areas of development they have. Verify that the factory actually has the quality certificates required in the country of destination. In general, both certificates and recognitions are in the Showrooms.

The Factory audit service includes:

  • Displacement to the factory.
  • Sending a photo report of the conditions of the factory, production areas, technology, samples, licenses and acknowledgments.
  • Contact us and request more information about the service.

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