Chemical imports from China: many want, just but a few can

In the world we live in, there are infinite industries that use chemical products in their production processes (pharmaceutical industry, food processing, and preservation, paint and coating industries, fabric/leather/synthetic treatment, polymer treatment, etc.) and, as you can imagine, Chinese producers are an important part of the suppliers of this great market, no matter if they are finished compounds or raw materials, Chinese manufacturers offer them.

Importing chemical is not for everyone.

When we say that importing chemical is not for everyone, we do so for the following reasons:

  • Most of the consolidation companies, not to say all of them, do not allow placing chemical reagents in shared containers for fear that the reagent affects in some way some else´s merchandise. This implies that it can only be sent by a complete container (full container) even if it is for a few tons equivalent to a few cbm.
  • The transporters (companies that own the transporting ships) require certifications from the producer in order to know if that type of reagent is volatile o can react in an explosive way. The factory must not only provide the necessary certifications but also take the responsibility for any damages that can be caused by the components inside the container. That´s why, when buying chemicals it is important to buy them CIF since the responsibility of the cargo is on the side of the selling company until it is unloaded from the ship and is safe in port.
  • The same way, the samples of any chemical are treated as hazardous material and it is better than the supplier makes the shipments before placing the order because no matter what express mail is used (FEDEX, DHL, etc), all require certificates of safety to place the chemical samples inside their aircraft, equally the shipping companies.
  • It is also important that the chemical is tested by the buyer before placing the order. Many times it happens that even the companies reliable and good intentioned have measurements standards different to those of the buyer, which implies that the chemical characteristics of a component (concentration, purity, etc) offered by the seller are not the same as those requires by the buyer, and it is not until they are tested in a laboratory that it is realized the astronomical differences between what is received and what is needed.
  • Therefore, it is highly recommendable that the chemicals be examined by a laboratory before they are shipped, and the container load checked

So far, we have described the small obstacles which are small because when working with a certified supplier, these problems disappear almost immediately.

This item is particularly profitable and the sales quantities are generally large enough. For such a motive, many opportunists have created intermediary companies in order to grab part of the cake or try to steal it. But even companies with good intentions find it difficult to take responsibility for the cargo when it comes to a problem, what it is why we, at Shangai Aware Connection, always recommend working with the supplier house and not with intermediaries.
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