About us

Awarecon is formed by a group of engineers and graduates in international business who, together with a group of Chinese professionals -in business and finance-, decided to form a company that would provide production, consulting and trade services to Latin American and European entrepreneurs.

In this way, the objective is to take advantage of our knowledge and our extensive network of contacts to advise on the start, growth and profitability of doing business with China; having proposals and alternatives for the client about potential suppliers, products, prices, conditions and market strategies.

Our vision is focused on the approach of American and European entrepreneurs to the business world in China, exploring all its benefits and business proposals, in order to consolidate, correctly and expertly, the ability to enter the market niche under the following main objectives:

  • Help the American and European businessmen to produce their product in China, or to buy Chinese products to be marketed in other countries.
  • Help American and European entrepreneurs to enter the Chinese market to offer goods and services .
  • In Awarecon, we help you with HIGH EXPERIENCE SERVICES so that your company starts to benefit from the biggest market of the world.